Dear Applicant,

please be informed that Hungary has no seacoast, nor a maritime fleet.

Therefore our Maritime Medical Center is small with limited capacity.

The Medical Center is run by one Authorized Doctor for examining Hungarian and Norwegian and other seamen.

The examinations are done in accordance with the 21/2002. Ministerial Decree and Norwegian Regulation

The Medical Center is authorized by the National Transport Authority; but we have no obligation to carry out Medical Examinations for all!

As a result unfortunately we don't like perform examinations for foreign citizens. The question arises: why you not conducting the medical examination in your home country?

If you have explanation, (Family in Hungary etc) please send me and I make an exception,

If not, I kindly request that foreign applicants visit the Centers in their respective countries where the necessary examinations may be carried out without waits and difficulties with translation.

We thank you for your understanding.

Best regards

Medical Director


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